Passenger Safety Guidelines

& Damage Liabilities

By acknowledging our safety guidelines policy, you and all passengers in your party agree to all of them and fully understand you are only absolved from any liability related to vessel damages caused in the operation of the boat (such as damaged propeller, etc.)

Additional Safety Guidelines

Renters understand and will not hold our company and/or owners personally responsible for any damage or loss of personal effects or bodily injuries sustained within the booking of our services, whether as a direct or indirect result of not adhering to our safety policy or guidelines, which are posted on our website and sent via email upon booking completion. All passengers must agree to sign a liability release before charter. 

All our bookings require that all passengers in your party understand and agree fully to our safety guidelines before entering or exiting docks or vessels and take full responsibility for any or all damages or injuries caused to the party or to the boat by your party. We reserve the right to bill you for damages such as any tear in the upholstery, loosening of ladder, railings, furnishings, etc.