Passenger Safety Guidelines

By acknowledging our safety guidelines policy you and all passengers in your party agree to all and fully understand you are only absolved from any liability related to vessel damages caused in the operation of the boat (such as damaged propeller, etc.)

Additional Safety Guidelines:

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Boat may only be driven by our USCG approved Captains which is included in all our rental packages.
Boat Captain reserves the right under any circumstances to return vessel to the dock if he/she feels weather conditions or behavior of any passengers in party is unfit for the their safety or safety of others or damage done to vessel.
All passengers on vessel must stay within the safety rails during boat movement and while engine is turned on.
All passengers may not board or exit the boat while engine is turned on and agrees to follow the directions of our certified USCG Captains.
No skiing, tubing or towing of persons in the water is permitted.
No diving or jumping off boats while in motion, as tempting as it may seem at the time.
No bow riding - Again, all passengers MUST remain inside the railings while the boat is in motion, it's the law.
No fires or grilling on boats - you may bring a grill to cook out on the island and an additional $30 park entrance fee will be added to your bill.

Renters understand and will not hold responsible our company and/or owners personally for any damage or loss of personal affects, bodily injuries sustained within the booking of our services wether as a direct or indirect result of not adhering to our safety policy or guidelines of which is posted on our website and copy sent via email upon booking completion. All passengers must agree to sign a liability release before border vessel.

All our bookings require that all passengers of your party understand and agree fully to our safety guidelines before entering or exiting docks or vessel and take full responsibility for any or all damages or injuries caused to the party or to the boat by your party. We reserve the right to bill you for damages such as any tear in the upholstery, loosening of ladder, railings, furnishings, etc…