Tiki Tavern nautica
Tiki Tavern nautica
Tiki Tavern nautica

Tiki Coastal Special (Dunedin)

7 days a week

2 hours

6 Passengers Limit (Age above 14 years)

All aboard for a relaxing coastal ride while sipping your favorite cocktail with the warm sun and Gulf breeze. You will enjoy the beautiful views dotted with uninhabited bird sanctuary islands including Honeymoon Island state park and Caledesi Island which considered one of the few pristine barrier islands along Florida’s Gulf Coast, (this is—the #1 beach in the U.S.) and is only accessible by boat.

This is a fixed package price for 6 passengers which will be $49.99 per person

Note: If interested in booking in less than 24hrs, you must call us first to confirm availability
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Tiki Coastal Special Dunedin