Tiki River Cruise Special

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Tiki Tavern nautica
River Cruise
Anclote river

Tiki River Cruise Special

7 days a week

2 hours

6 Passengers Limit (Age above 14 years)

Take time out and enjoy a river cruise ride aboard the Tiki Tavern Nautica down the historically famous Anclote River for coastal sightseeing teeming with wildlife.

Start your 2 hr journey dockside of Captain Jack’s bar & grill as we gently troll down the Anclote River. Immersing yourself in the stories of indigenous tribes, Greek immigrants and fishing industrialists that transformed the coastal city of Tarpon Springs into the vibrant destination it is today.

Explore the calm waters of the river and connected bayous, as gentle majestic creatures such ad manatees and dolphins bumble by Tiki Tavern Nautica to say hello!

Take in the magnificent views of neighboring islands, sandbars, and views of distant Gulf coast civilization as you sit back, relax… listening to island music or your favorite songs with plenty of ice for your cocktail or to just beat the heat.

Note: If interested in booking in less than 24hrs, you must call us first to confirm availability
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