Tiki Boat Cruise Packages - Starting As Low As $19.99 Per Person

On the Water and Wings Cruise (4 Hours)

Set off on a remarkable 4-hour On the Water and Wings Cruise along the scenic Anclote River. Immerse yourself in the cool Gulf Coast breeze and sip on your favorite beverages as we journey to Hooters in New Port Richey. Bring your own drinks, cooler, and ice, and relish the convenience of complimentary bottled water waiting onboard for your enjoyment.

This BYOB adventure is designed for passengers aged 14 and above, offering a day of pure relaxation on the water and indulgence at Hooters. Don't miss this unique experience; secure your spot now and set sail into a day of unforgettable moments!

Whether you're looking for a laid-back day on the water, a memorable outing with friends, or a casual excursion with coworkers, the On the Water and Wings Cruise caters to all. Join us as we cruise the river, raise your glass to good times, and savor the journey. Book your spot today and elevate your day with this exceptional aquatic adventure!


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